Can I set a forwarding message at a cancelled RW phone number?

I am getting an iPhone, but my RW phone number is not transferrable. Is there any way to set a message set at the old number that tells the caller the new number? If so, how? Thanks!

Hi @katherines.ezkgaz,

I’m afraid not. May we know which service provider you’ve chosen for your iPhone and the reason why they say your number isn’t transferable?

Hi Roland. I looked up the number on the RW website and it said it was not transferrable. Perhaps I misunderstood–did this mean that I could not transfer a phone number from another carrier to RW, rather than vice versa? Thanks, Katie

Hi @katherines.ezkgaz,

Thanks for the additional context. Indeed, Republic’s tool is designed to determine if a number may be transferred to Republic not away from Republic. And, it’s telling you that’s not possible because the number is already with Republic.

For the purposes of transferring your number elsewhere you need to start the process with your prospective new service provider. They, in turn, will need certain information to verify number ownership. Your account number is the 10-digit phone number being transferred without dashes. Per FCC regulation, Republic is unable to provide or set the required PIN. You may do so yourself as described by Republic here: How to Set Up or Update Your Account PIN – Republic Help. More detail on transferring from Republic here: How to Transfer Your Number from Republic Wireless – Republic Help.

There is some additional information you might want to make your new service provider aware of. Republic numbers are classified as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Republic’s use of VoIP is part of the nature of its blended WiFi first service. There is nothing Republic can do to change this regulatory classification.

For transfer (porting) purposes, VoIP numbers are treated the same as traditional landlines (wireline is the more correct telecom industry term). Porting your number will, typically, take longer (days as opposed to hours). If you wish a more definitive timeline, please inquire with your new service provider. Generally, the service provider gaining your business determines the pace of the porting process. I’ve written, in some detail, how the number transfer process is designed to work in this Republic Community article: Anatomy of a Number Transfer.

Meanwhile, please don’t take steps to proactively cancel your Republic service. Doing so risks loss of your number. When your port is complete, you’ll receive email notification from Republic and your Republic service will automatically cancel.

Finally, we’re sad to see you go, however, I understand the iPhone thing. If you need to transfer data from your Republic phone to that new iPhone, Apple has an app for that:

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