Can I set up gmail to ask for a password

My Mom has recently been concerned about security on her Republic wireless phone. It seems other phone companies do more to keep your phone secure. Her worry is that if somebody steals her phone her gmail is just there and signed in, instead of other services like your bank apps or other apps where you can elect to have a password. Is there a way to do this with gmail? And yes she has a password on her main phone, just looking for extra security.

Tell your mom this is handled at the front end with a screen lock. If someone steals her phone and can’t get past the screen lock she doesn’t have to worry about her Gmail

I would add that if you lose your phone you can remotely lock it out and if you change your password the phone would be unable to access gmail or any other google services acting as your login. Google has made the choice to leverage phone authentication, like a lock pin, password, or pattern, to protect the devices granted access to google services on your behalf.

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