Can I set up my Extend Home with my landline and WiFi router?

Hi, I just bought an extend home adapter… we have a landline and a Wi-Fi router, can these be configured to work for the extend home? Thanks

Hi @jim.k,

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The Extend Home adapter allows you to add a standard telephone handset as an “extension” to your cell phone. It requires a telephone handset that does not already have an active phone line associated with it.

Calls to your cell phone number would then ring the telephone handset that is connected to the Extend Home adapter.

I don’t think what you were describing sounds like what Extend Home does, because it does not work with phone service you pay another company to provide.

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Yes, an easier name would be nice! Thanks. I’m going to try bypassing the phone jack and see what happens! Thanks

You’re now @jim.k,

Could you describe what you’re hoping to accomplish and what you mean by bypassing the phone jack? The Extend Home adapter has to be connected to a phone somehow in order for the phone to ring.

what I was trying to say is the phone jack on the wall for our home service. And it worked, my phone was extended! Thanks for being there!

Great! I hope you enjoy having this extra feature. Come back in a few days and tell us some ways you’ve put it to use!

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Hi @jim.k - glad that @southpaw answered your questions and got you going. Here’s a FAQ for the Extend Home in the Tips & Tricks section that has some other information you might find helpful.

We love our Extend Home!


Thank you freddy! I was wondering about many of those things, very helpful!


Some questions please, when I first ordered the extend home on May 10th, I received a coupon code the next morning for free shipping… thinking that according to the email, I had left it in my cart… so I reordered it with the free shipping. what I thought would happen was it would replace the first order, and give me free shipping on the 2nd… but, instead of that I received two orders and two bills! So, I need to return the second one, and be billed for free shipping on the first one please.

Hi @jim.k,

Please know that when you reply here, you’re replying publicly on the internet. I’ve removed your screenshots since there was some personal information in them.

Please begin the return process on the second adapter as described here:

(I know the adapter is not a phone, but I believe it will show up the same way in your account. Please let me know if it doesn’t.)

I’ll create a Help Ticket on your behalf a little later today to discuss the initial shipping charge.


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