Can I sign up for Republic Wireless if I live in Hawaii?


Does anyone live in Hawaii and have a phone and plan with Republic? Does it work for you?
I’m really interested in signing up, but so far I’ve found that they don’t ship to Hawaii and you can’t get an 808 area code. So I’m wondering if it’s even possible or worth it to try…


Republic doesn’t offer service in Hawaii. If that’s your primary location, Republic likely isn’t a great fit. You can’t have a Hawaii phone number and any time Republic sends you something (a phone, SIM card, etc) it would have to be an address on the mainland.


Hi @ctrexler001,

The short answer is yes you can. Is it worth it, see @louisdi’s response.


I have used a Republic phone in Hawaii. It was a legacy device on Sprint and the coverage was pretty spotty. It’s probably the same with about any carrier over there with all the mountains and such-pretty spotty (although Verizon probably has decent coverage).

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