Can I simply move my SIM card to a different phone, but same model phone?

My MotoGPower (original) was purchased directly from Republic Wireless in 2020 and recently went through the washing machine and is irreparable. I can’t get into it’s settings to tell if the SIM is CDMA or GSM as the phone is a brick.

I want to replace it with the exact same phone. Republic Wireless is no loner selling this exact model and is instead selling the MotoG Power 2021 which fits a different case, etc.

Can I simply purchase the exact same model of the original MotoG Power, swap the SIM card, and be up and running? What other steps or concerns would I need to take care of if I purchased my own phone not from RW?


Hi @michaels.bye1p0,

I’m sorry to hear about the phone. Motorola still sells the 2020 Moto G Power:

Regarding the SIM, please examine that for us. Is the lettering for the “public” part of the word Republic green? If so, the SIM would move to another compatible phone.

If the entire word Republic is all gray or all black, please let us know.

Presuming it will do so, moving the SIM will move Republic service (number and plan) but not user content as that isn’t stored on a smartphone’s SIM. After moving the SIM, you would need to install or update then open Republic’s app and complete any activation sequence presented.

As far as user content is concerned, that which Google has been backing up for you would populate the new phone, so long as you use the same Google account in use on the washed phone.

Finally, it may or may not work but placing the washed phone in a warm dry area may bring it back to life. A sunny window is a good choice.

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Hi @michaels.bye1p0,

I would be a little concerned that the water, (heat?) and chemicals in the laundry may have also impacted the SIM card.

It’s no problem to send you out a new one, really, and when you activate on the same Republic account that your old phone is on, you’ll be offered to move the phone number to the new SIM card. So there’s really no harm in getting a new SIM card.

Just be sure the Moto G Power phone you purchased is the same model number and is not carrier-branded. If you’re buying used and the phone has another carrier’s brand printed on it or it’s brand comes up when the phone is booting, it’s not going to be compatible with our network, even if it has been “carrier-unlocked.”

Please let us know what you decide.

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Thank you @rolandh and @southpaw for the quick responses. You both have some helpful info. The SIM card does have the green “public” part. So I’ll be trying out an ebay-phone – while carefully making sure it’s not carrier branded.

As for replacing the SIM, it seemed to be working fine after the phone got washed, so I’ll probably keep with it unless its cell connection acts up.

I tried drying the phone at about 90F in a food dehydrator overnight. It helped a little bit and the phone was usuable. Then the following day after that, after more dying, the display complete stopped working. I need it for work, so I unfortunately don’t have the time in days to go phoneless and hope it starts working again.

If I buy a new moto g from best buy and it says unlocked and doesn’t send you into a phone plan, it’s just the phone, is that ok?
It’s the word unlocked that concerns me, is it always bad or only if it’s been a phone you got from Verizon that you’re switching to Republic?
I’m a current customer replacing a phone that won’t charge.

Hi @maryc.rb1r6v,

There’s nothing bad about the word unlocked when is comes to phones. In fact unlocked is generally good.

There are however different types of unlocked. There’s factory unlocked meaning the phone left the manufacturer’s factory already unlocked. All Republic compatible phones since August of 2016 are factory unlocked.

Then, there’s carrier unlocked. A carrier unlocked phone was originally manufactured to be used with a specific carrier such as Verizon and would be locked to the carrier to start. The carrier can later unlock the phone for use with other carriers hence the term carrier unlocked. Carrier unlocked phones are not Republic compatible.

Generally, phones sold by Best Buy as unlocked are factory unlocked. If that phone is on Republic’s list of compatible phones, it would be fine to purchase at Best Buy. If you’ll post the link to Best Buy’s listing, we would be able to confirm compatibility for you.


I would like to piggy back into this conversation. I disconnected a phone (G6) from RW because I didn’t need it. I also factory reset for donation.

Now, my G6 has battery issues and I’d like to reactivate the other phone. Do I need to get a RW sim card? I don’t wish to just transfer my current sim.

Thanks for reading

Hi @joker_1,

If you prefer not to transfer your current SIM (which may or may not be possible), then, yes, you would need a new Republic SIM. May I ask the reason for not wanting to transfer the current SIM, if that’s possible?

Does the other phone still have its original SIM?

Hey Rolandh:

I don’t wish to transfer the current sim because I read earlier in the thread that information is not stored on the sim and would have to be transferred manually.

Yes, the other phone has the original sim. I did try to activate it and received a message that I needed to open a help ticket. I figured that was needed since I did a factory reset.

Honestly, I was going to treat myself to a new phone. But, with the news of improvements, I decided to wait.

You are correct that user content is not stored on a smartphone’s SIM. That said, if the SIM you have is transferable, there isn’t a disadvantage in doing so for the purpose of moving service from one phone to another.

This indicates the SIM is GSM. Previously active GSM SIMs expire after 20 days.

That’s a perfectly reasonable approach.

I bought a Moto G Power 2020 off of Amazon just a couple of weeks ago. I made sure it was manufacture unlocked, I’ve ran into the issue of unlocked being listed when it was carrier unlocked on a refurbished phone from Amazon a few years ago. It did not work and I ended up buying a new phone.

If you buy off of say EBay, ask the seller to tell you what listed under Settings → About Phone → Software Channel, if they will not tell you or it does not say North American Retail (or something close to that), don’t buy it as it will not likely work with Republic.

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Hello again.

I thought I would check my SIM card to see if I could put it into the other G6, but I don’t know where to find the SIM card. :upside_down_face:

Thanks for your patience.

Hi @joker_1,

Perhaps, Motorola’s illustrated guide will help:

Please ignore the reference to a second SIM as your Moto G6 has only one SIM. I double-checked and the guide is from Motorola’s U.S. website. I don’t know why Motorola includes a reference to a second SIM. To the best of my knowledge, no U.S. Moto G6 variants are dual SIM.

Hey Rolandh.

Pretty sure I JUST threw away the SIM opener. Will anything else work? Paperclip perhaps?

Generally, the straightened end of a paper clip will indeed suffice.

Hey Rolandh.

It made me really nervous to try and take out the SIM chip, so I am just going to buy another one. I can purchase direct from RW correct?

Hopefully, I will be less nervous to put in the new one. If you have an article for that maneuver I would appreciate a link. :slightly_smiling_face:

You have helped my out several times in the last month. Thank you very much for sharing your expertise and patience.


Yes, here:

I suggest getting the order in as soon as possible. You’ll need to get the new SIM activated on or before November 30th.

You’re most welcome!

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