Can I start number transfer before receiving SIM card?

I’m bringing my own phone to Republic.

I just ordered a Republic SIM card for the phone, but haven’t received the SIM card yet. The phone is currently on a Verizon account** for just a few more days**. I want to initiate the number transfer now, before Verizon deactivates the phone number.

Unfortunately, the new line/SIM card I ordered doesn’t show up in my Republic account, so apparently I cannot initiate a number transfer to it.

Is it possible to initiate the number transfer before I get the SIM card?



There isn’t a way to initiate the transfer until the line is active and there’s no way for the line to be active until you’ve received the SIM card and activated it.

As an additional thought, if you really need to port now, you could move the number to a site like NumberBarn and then from there to Republic when your account it ready.

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it’s very unlikely that Verizon will deactivated your current phone more likely they will move you to a monthly contract (same cost per month as your current monthly payment) when your current contract runs out, depending on there policy you may be on hook for the full month but some carriers will refund if you port out before your billing date when no on contract (contract expired)

Thank you, louisdi! I appreciate it.

Thanks for your help, drm186!

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