Can I swap moto g rev 1 and keep old number/plan

Screen cracked. Want to buy same phone and transfer old number and old plan to new phone which is the same as old one.

If you can find a 1st gen Moto G Republic Wireless phone, yes, you could activate the newly acquired Moto G as an upgrade to your broken phone and the number would automatically transfer. However, Republic no longer sells the 1st gen Moto G. You would have to find one on eBay, swappa, or somewhere else. Or, you could message me privately about the one I have, but no longer use.

But could I keep the old plan or would they switch me to the new plans

With used old legacy phones you can keep your grandfathered plans

Moto X 1st, Moto G 1st, Moto E 1st, Moto X 2nd, Moto E 2nd and Moto G 3rd are the legacy phones

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