Can I switch back and forth between Anywhere and Android Message?


Seems like, if I’m not on wifi … I need to use Android Message instead of Anywhere as I presume Message uses cell signal and therefore does not count against my data. I’m in Sacramento at a cheap hotel with lame wifi … my computer picks it up, but my phone says “connected, no internet” which makes me think any SMS type I sent thru Anywhere is going to hit my data (I have data, but would rather not waste it on texts). Seems like in this case, I’d be better to use Android Message. Is it easy to switch back and forth? I’m usually on decent wifi and am fine keeping Republic costs low by using Anywhere … but if I have no wifi, I want Republic to make good on the unlimited talk and text part of the deal. Thanks,


Hi @michaelc.kq5nc0,

While the answer to your question is yes, you can switch back and forth, I’d like to assure you that you don’t need to do so in the interest of preserving your data. The data required for call set up and text messaging is not counted against the data you’ve purchased.

Edited to add: Sometimes when using a public Wi-Fi network like that of a hotel, there’s an agreement page to accept before having internet access. If you need Wi-Fi, try launching your browser and putting where you’d usually enter a website URL. If that doesn’t bring you to an agreement page, try asking at the front desk.


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