Can i switch cards in Moto G4

My moto G 4 Is CDMA can I put that sim card into a GSM Moto G 4

No CDMA SIMs do not work that way they are linked to the phone

(CDMA SIMs are really just LTE SIMs that grant access to LTE network of the CDMA carrier for phones that they are linked to that are registered to the network via the MEID of the phone (not the SIM like GSM SIMs)

EDIT below

I should point out that the Moto G4 is both a CDMA phone and a GSM Phone

so one could put a GSM card in the CDMA Moto G phone and it will work, and if the correct procedure was done a CDMA carrier could register the GSM Moto G4 phone and SIM to be used on their CDMA Network, but Currently Republic only offers GSM for BYOD SIMs and CDMA SIM are setup and ship from Republic only

if this is to replace a broken CDMA Moto G4 phone please create a ticket and see what Republic can do for you Republic Help

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