Can i switch my husband's phone number to the new phone we will be buying?

My husband will be keeping the Moto e 2nd generation phone. I will be using the Moto G4 (about to purchase it). I would like to transfer the phone number of our older phone - the moto e number - to the moto G4. My husband would need a new number for our Moto E phone then. Is this possible to do and if so, would his plan rate increase? Or would there be any costs involved?

If your husband is on the 1.0 plan then there could be a problem since new lines of service can’t be placed on the 1.0 plans. If your husband is on the refund 2.0 plan, then there isn’t any problem.

When you open the Republic app and go to the Republic icon, what does it say under your phone number?

Of course you can have Republic support help if you wish by opening a support ticket at the bottom of the help page. Use the chat line if available for faster service.

Republic Help

if the Moto E is on a 1.0 plan you need to do the folloinf to keep the 1.0 plan

  1. when activating the new phone do this as a new line on the account

  2. then create a support ticket requesting the the numbers to be swap
    if 2.0 plans then you can

  3. activate the new phone as a line replacement (this deactivates the old phone)

  4. then reactivate the old phone though the Republic app as a new line on the account

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