Can I switch two lines and two devices?

I have a Moto G7 play which needs repaired. I have a fully functioning Moto E4 which is serving as my home extender line. I would like to switch my home extender line to the Moto G7 until I can reapir it, and use the Moto E4 as my primary cell line. Can I do a “double sketch” and swap the two lines and two devices. Thanks!

Hi @stevet181,

If I’m understanding correctly, you wish to move the number on the Moto G7 to the Moto E4 and vice versa. Am I correct about that? If so, we’ll need some information about the SIM in each phone.

For the Moto G7 SIM; is the lettering for the word Republic a mix of green and black? Or, is the lettering for the word Republic all gray or all black?

For the Moto E4 SIM, please try the steps described by Republic here: How to Tell If a Phone Is Active on GSM or CDMA – Republic Help.

Please let us know if the SIM type is GSM or CDMA?

@rolandh both phones are activated and working on the RW network. I wanted to switch the numbers on each phone. While the Moto G7 is down, I will still be able to use the home extender.

The Moto G7 was activated less than a month ago, and the Moto G4 was activated two days ago, after I got a new SIM card in the mail on Tuesday (5/5/2020).

@rolandh I’m worried about the double switch putting a number in limbo and don’t want to lose any of my numbers.

As there would be a risk of one of the numbers being put into limbo or worse, I would suggest that you Open a Ticket with Republic and let them work through this with you

Hi @stevet181,

If you’ve already gone ahead and opened the ticket suggested by @jben, it would be best to work with staff. I was attempting to determine if swapping the numbers might be accomplished by swapping the SIMs. If both are GSM, this might be doable without staff assistance.


I will open a ticket soon. Thanks @rolandh and @jben!

Hi @stevet181,

A ticket is certainly an option but, if moving the active SIMs is possible ,may not be necessary. To determine if moving the active SIMs is a possibility, we would need to know whether those SIMs are GSM or CDMA as mentioned in a previous post to this thread.


There really isn’t any risk, Roland’s solution, if available carriers absolutely 0% risk.

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