Can I sync Anywhere from my Moto G7 directly to Win10 PC (not PC from Anywhere server)?

The G7 displays my contacts and text correctly. Win10 show contacts incorrectly and messages are doubled. Also where there should be a thumbnail with a text (e.g. link to video to watch on my PC) one is never displayed.

I want to sync my Window 10 PC directly from my Moto G7. Is that possible? Can this be done with a USB cable?

Moto G7

Basic $15.00 talk and text, no data as of today. Was talk and text plus 1G yesterday.

Issue Description

After new phone weirdness and sync efforts my new G7 with Anywhere is handling text fine. The Win10 PC always duplicates messages with no thumbnails when they should appear.


For another day Republic Anywhere doesn’t work at all with my MAC :frowning:

Hi @mr_speedlight,

I’m sorry to see that no one answered your question.

There is not a way to use Republic Anywhere and sync directly from the phone to the computer. You might try the Messages app by Google. It does offer a PC version and syncs from the phone rather than from a server.

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Thank you for your response. I will look into the message app from Google shortly.

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