Can I temporarily stop service?

I want to stop service for a week. My son is on restriction and does not have phone priveldges. is this possible?

Republic does not have a stop service and if line is cancel the number may be lost,

My recommendation is just take the phone for a week or install a parental control app to lock it down [it’s only a week or two]

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Very disappointed that you cannot offer this basic feature.
We would still be paying.

This give parents very little control.

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There are a significant number of parental control apps would allow you to do this, and more, such as block only certain apps, callers, etc. These developers do this sort of things full time and can offer a far more comprehensive solution than a single function solution from Republic. You can learn more about some solutions here:

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If you want control, cancel the kid’s phone line. Voila! Total control.


Parent should have full control, the kids can not use a device that’s not in their hands,
You are using a Prepay service why would you expect a company to stop a service already paid for?

I will take 2 mos vacation in Thailand.

  1. I can move my number from republic to Magic Jack and stop the service with republic
  2. When I came back just transfer number back to Republic.

Can i do that? Just a thought.

This should work assuming you are not on a grandfathered 1.0 Plan or getting a beta discount (both would be lost if canceling the line)

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