Can I transfer all data (contacts and photos) from lost phone to new phone?


Hello, I just upgraded to the Moto G5 Plus a month ago and love it. Unfortunately, I just lost my phone the other day. There was no data plan and it is probably not connected to wifi, so the Google Find My Device couldn’t help. At this point, I am feeling I need to just buy another phone. Would I be able to have all my contacts and photos transferred to a new phone even though I don’t have access to my old phone?

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if you used a gmail account on the phone you lost and was connected to wifi at some point after getting the phone and allowed google to sync your contacts and photos
you could be able to find them here

just log in using he same gmail account/address and password you used when you set up the phone

and when you get your new phone just use the same gmail account on the new phone and it should just sync back to the new phone

one final point, it will be up to date, as far as the last wifi connection and sync
so if wifi connected just a day or hours before loosing the phone, that will be the point of last sync/update…


Thank you!!!

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