Can I transfer app data to a new phone?

My wife currently has a Moto E gen2. We’re looking at getting a moto E4 .

Regardless of what phone we do get will we be able to transfer app data from the old phone to the new phone. For example she has been playing a game called WordTrek for several years. Will we be able to transfer her history from that app to the new from home. That’s just one example.

Most app data is now being back up by Google play store [though it takes the developers to set it up to take advantage of this] I found this to be better my last phone upgrade [this year] than the last upgrade [2014], best advice for data transfer is in this blog

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Greetings, I appreciate the two fast replies but they don’t actually answer my question. I am fully aware of Google sync but I have an example for an app that was not Google accounts related.

So I’ll restate it… There are several non-google apps on an old phone. How can we transfer the data from the app from the old phone to the new phone?

I don’t exactly know what you mean by “app data”, but I’ll take a shot. My son is a gamer. When we bought a new phone for him he wanted some of his games to transfer over with the same saved progress he achieved on his old phone. This involved a lot of Google searching to determine what files I needed to grab from his old phone, and manually transferring these files to the new phone. There was not a one size fits all solution (every game app had it’s own specific file, or group of files, for saved game progress). There are likely some backup and restore apps that may be able to accomplish this more easily, but I don’t have any experience with them.


did you (your wife) get the game app from the Google play store then the above statement may be the correct answer.

some games will require a link to social media (or require they setup a web account) to save and recover data for new devices (look at the game settings as it should tell how to use another device)

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You got the right idea of what I was asking. And your example was exactly what I was thinking of. It seems as if it should be easier than what we are looking at but I certainly appreciate your help.

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