Can I transfer my number from my RW phone to a newer RW phone?

My RW phone, a Moto G4, is currently in ticket help hell. Who knows how long it will take before I finally get that phone fixed or replaced. When I bought my new G4 from RW, they sent me a GSM when they were supposed to send me a CDMA, and now I have a refurb model that will not work over cellular.

So I decided to buy a new phone to avoid the refurb lottery. I checked here to find out what phones I could bring on the BYOP feature, and I bought a Moto G5 Plus. Wouldn’t you know it, when I tried to buy an RW SIM card, it says that the BYOP feature is not available in my area…

Okay, so I returned that phone for a refund. I can buy the exact same make and model phone from RW, new, and if I do, they claim it will work fine in my area (no idea why the other one wouldn’t). Anyway, it’s sitting in my shopping cart. But I want to keep the phone number that is currently associated with my Moto G4 RW phone, even though that one will (eventually) be fixed and used by a family member. I would need to get a different number for that one, when I can activate it, but I do not mind as long as the number currently for it can be transferred to the new G5 Plus.

If this cannot be done, then I will not buy the new phone. Thanks for any information about transferring RW phone numbers between RW phones.

Good Morning @davidw.wt1vuj,

Transferring a number from one Republic phone to a new Republic phone is now done when activating the new phone. Republic outlines that here: How to Activate a Cell Phone or SIM Card – Republic Help. At step 9, you’ll see something similar to this:

Regarding the reason bring your own phone is not supported in your area; it’s because all bring your own phones activate with Republic’s GSM partner. There is currently no bring your own phone CDMA option. Based on your description, a G5+ purchased from Republic will ship provisioned for coverage with it’s CDMA partner.

Regarding the experience getting the G4 up and running, I’m sorry to hear of that. May we know the ticket number and how long it’s been since you last heard from staff on that.

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