Can I transfer my number from one Republic Wireless phone to another?


I had to get a new Moto E and I’m wondering if I can transfer the number from my old Moto E (from Republic Wireless) to my new phone.

I see that you can transfer from a different company but when I tried my phone number to see if I could get it transferred it said that wasn’t available.

I purchased a Moto Z from RW, during the activation they gave me the option to keep my number or change it.

Yep! Exactly as @douglask.o6tkm5 said, you’ll be prompted during the activation of your new device to replace an existing line or activate a new one. If you’ve already activated the new phone (and received a new number for it) I’d like to think there’s a mostly painless way to bring the number over but I do not know of one (other than resetting your new phone and re-activating it) off-hand.

I did not see the prompt for existing line. Now what do I do to move the number from my old active MotoG to Moto E

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