Can I transfer my number later?


The Republic website indicates that we have local service, but Sprint service is very spotty in our area. Can I start with a new number to see if the phone (Moto e4) works, and transfer my current Verizon number later?


Hi @charlesh.914c61

The Moto E4 will activate as a GSM device, so you would want to look at that coverage map, not Sprint’s CDMA map.

If you already have the device you will need a RW Sim card. They can be purchased here or at amazon, and you will activate on the GSM carrier.

Post your zip code, someone will drill down the map for you. :slightly_smiling_face:

Coverage Check | Republic Wireless

As long as your Verizon number is active, Most likely.

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Yes you can activate your phone with a new RW number. Once you decide your service is satisfactory you can then port your old Verizon number over.


A minor quibble. As @c1tobor references, most but not all numbers may be transferred to Republic. Republic’s carrier must have rate center presence, so best to check here first: Switch to Republic | Republic Wireless.

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