Can I transfer my sim card from my current republic samsung phone to a byop pixel 3 xl?

I just bought a used Google pixel 3 XL phone that I want to use under my current account at Republic instead of my Samsung Galaxy 7s Edge. Can I use the SIM card from the Galaxy phone and put it in the Google phone?

Hi @gusgus and welcome to the Member Community. See if this article helps -

There is also a link in the article that tells you how to see if your phone is activated on a GSM or CDMA SIM.

If you are already on an activated GSM SIM you might find this useful too –

If you have any question if the Pixel is fully compatible, and already have the phone in hand, the easiest way to check is to download the Republic Wireless App ( ) and open it. The app will quickly let you know if your phone is compatible.

Hope this helps!

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