Can I transfer the RW SIM Card from Moto E 2nd Gen to Moto G 4th Gen?


The screen on my Moto E (2nd Gen) busted and I just bought an unlocked Moto G (4th Gen) phone on Amazon. Will I be able to take the sim card from the Moto E and easily install it into the Moto G phone? Will I be able to continue on my old plan?


the SIM in the Moto E must stay with that phone (a CDMA phone the SIM is just access to LTE network when phone is registered on the network it does not link the phone to your account or number)

you need to buy a Republic 3.0 SIM

Bring your own phone to Republic! | Republic Wireless or

from Amazon Republic-Wireless-Starter-Prepaid-Carrier

then activate as a line replacement Activate My Phone


Thanks so much! That was very helpful. Do you know if I will have to switch to a new plan on the new Moto G phone? Or if I can stick with my old plan that was on the Moto E (a $10 a month no cell data plan).


yes the Moto G4 needs a 3.0 plan (as do all 3.0 phones) No Contract Cell Phone Plans without the hidden fees | Republic Wireless


And lastly do you know if that SIM card from Amazon would also work on a Moto G PLAY. Thank you for your help.


amazon is selling the Republic 3.0 SIM (same one Republic is selling on its site) and will work with any 3.0 Republic approved Phone (which the Moto G4 Play is approved)

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