Can I turn off cell data for selected apps in the new 3.0 plan?

I just began using a new Moto G4 Play today and notice the toggle switch under the RW app is no longer there for blocking selected apps from using cell data. Is this still possible? How do I block these apps now from using data when I don’t want (I always disable G Suite services, Spotify, things like that). Thanks,



FYI, my old phone was a Moto G3 on the 1.0 plan

One of the Drawbacks of being out of the ROM Republic lost the deep control on to the Data control so there no longer a data control per app only the global control in the Republic app (the android setting for both cell data and Roaming data needs to be left on at all times for texting to work correctly)

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You can use an app like NetGuard - no-root firewall - Android Apps on Google Play to do what you want to do.

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