Can I undo an erase I asked for if my phone has not been charged up? And can I reactivate it as well?

I panicked when I lost my phone, that someone was going to find it and use it. I couldn’t find how to check my history of calls, so I deactivated it and clicked on erase everything

After much searching I found my call history and it shows that after 3 days there has been no other calls accept for my incoming calls frantically trying to find out if someone had found it…

It must be lost somewhere where no one has found it. I had done a google find search and it told me it was possibly on my property somewhere. I have searched high and low, no luck finding it.

Can I undue the deactivation and possibly the erase? I think after 3 days the battery is dead, therefore I don’t think the deactivation or erase would go through until it was charged up again and turned on…

How would I undo the deactivation and erase???

Thanks for any help you can give me,


P.S. I’m writing this for my 84 year old Mom…

I don’t think there is a way to stop this, (If it could be done by you it could be done by those that would steal a phone)

this erase is a Factory Data Reset and is meant to stop people form accessing the data on the phone (it does not deactivate the phone.

any data on the phone that was not backed up will be lost

If by “deactivate” you mean you cancelled your phone using the online account, please submit a help ticket to see if they

can retrieve your phone number, in case you need to hold on to it.

As for the erase, as @drm186 noted, it is unlikely that you can prevent that from happening. Hopefully, you have good backups of contacts, etc

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