Can I upgrade to data service today?

I would like to upgrade to a Data plan from WiFi and Cell Talk and Text (Moto G) (3rd Gen.) Plan. Today is my billing date (3/10). When I went to the app to upgrade, it says that the upgrade date will be April 10. Is there any way to have it upgrade now?

Good Morning @rebeccat.vef7vb,

I’m sorry no one has taken a shot at your question before now. There is a way for you to get cell data immediately but not by transitioning from your grandfathered 1.0 WiFi and Cell Talk and Text to one of Republic’s refund plans. That transition does indeed take effect on one’s bill cycle date. You would have needed to initiate the transition at least one day before on the 9th. Here’s a way to get cell data now:

  1. Cancel any pending plan change: Cancel a Pending Plan Change.
  2. Next, select the 3G or 4G plan as outlined by Republic here: Change the Plan on Your Account. The change should complete within minutes.
  3. Finally, if you still wish to transition to a Republic Refund plan for April 10th; you can renew that request: Transition to Republic Wireless Refund Plans. Meanwhile, you’ll have unlimited data under the 1.0 plans albeit with no refund.
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