Can I use a Pre Paid card to pay for my service?


I had to destroy my credit card due to credit fraud so I am waiting for my new one and I don’t want to loss my service. Can I use a prepaid card to keep my service active?


It needs to be a prepaid card that allows recurring payments. Many prepaid cards do not allow this and will fail when you try and use them.


Hi @18hiltc,

Sorry to hear about the fraud situation. This may help:


Hey @18hiltc,

My name is Megan and I am apart of the Billing team. If you haven’t opened up a Help Ticket already, please do so and let me know the ticket number. If you have opened a ticket, please provide the case number and I’ll look into it right away :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @18hiltc,

Please do take a moment to look through the excellent information @rolandh has suggested. If you’re still without a temporary solution or replacement card as your billing cycle date rolls around, you might also open a support ticket and let our billing team know what’s going on. They can work with you to ensure your service is not disconnected.

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