Can i use a Samsung Galaxy J3 emerge from Boost mobile ? on RW network thanks

Will this phone work ? Thanks its 59 $ on boost site

Republic Wireless only allow the North American Regional Factory Unlock version of the Samsung Galaxy J3

Republic Wireless Phones

  • MMB29K.J320AUES2APJ2
  • MMB29K.J320AUEU1APE9
    Please note: The AT&T branded version of this phone is not compatible with our service.

Note this is a GSM only phone and the one from Boost Mobile is the CDMA base it will not work on Republic

Hi @donc.co1evb,

You should also know when shopping for phones to bring to Republic any prepaid carrier branded phone you see selling at a great price is being subsidized by the provider who its’ branded for. Not only will these devices not work on Republic, they won’t work on any network other than the one they’re branded for until used on that network for a period of time ranging from six months to a year. That’s how the subsidy is recovered. There is no free lunch.

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