Can I use a Verizon Pixel 2 with Republic Wireless. Any caveats?

Found a great deal on a VZW Pixel 2. I’ve been using my Pixel 1 on RW. I’m not sure if I have full capabilities on both GSM & CDMA, which is also something I wonder about on the Pixel 2.

Edit: No, it has to be the unlocked version of the Pixel 2, the Verizon version will not work.
It has come to my attention that the Verizon Pixel 2 actually will work unlike most other phones. I apologize for providing false information before. The only caveats in this position would be the presence of Verizon apps despite not using their service.

Here is information on supported phones:


This means a phone is capable of operating on either of Republics carriers. As all the Legacy phones were on Sprint (CDMA) and the fact that BYOD have to be initially activated on GSM (T-Mobile) some users find a ‘difference’ in their coverage. This is something that Republic can handle via the Ticket process if change is needed.
For understanding which feature/function/sizes each phone has, the user community has provided a handy cross reference Detailed Supported Phone Features

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