Can I use an Moto Z play in Israel


This page says I should have no problem.

Which brings me to my second question, can I run dual Sam or if I use a pay as you go Sim in Israel, can I still receive calls on my US number when I’m on Wi-Fi?



The phone will work with the local SIM

the North American Version of the Moto Z play is not Dual SIM (the tray may hold the 2nd SIM but there no hardware connection to that SIM)
if the Republic SIM is not installed you will not be able to call back to the US via the Republic number/service
If you are using Republic Anywhere as your testing app it will be able to text via the Republic number,



are there any international phones that will work with my republic wireless service and a second sim? I’m getting more and more unhappy with my moto Z play. too much money, too little joy.

In the short term, I’m tempted to buy a burner phone for my trip and toss it in the trash when done.


There is no dual SIM phones that work on R.W. Only unlocked North American models.
Supported phones.

If you are using a unlocked device, u can certainly purchase a local carrier SIM and plan in the country you are in and that should work.


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