Can I Use MMS With QKSMS Now?


I see some posts regarding MMS and Republic Anywhere. Does this mean that I can now use QKSMS to do MMS messaging? What is the APN info?



Hi @jasonw.6xe51g,

It does not. Republic Anywhere is Republic’s new in-house messaging app. More on that here:

In addition to Anywhere and Google’s Android Messages, certain third party apps are known to work on Republic 3.0 phones. Among them are Chomp, Signal and Textra but (to the best of my knowledge) not QKSMS.

For legacy Republic phones (Moto E1, E2, G1, G3, X1, X2), the choices are limited to Anywhere, AOSP Messaging or Android Messages.

APNs are managed by the Republic app on your phone. Republic does not provide manual APN settings.


Suddenly, it occurs to me. I need a wifi card in my workstation so I can sniff the phone’s packets. That should expose the APN settings.


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