Can I use my Moto G4 Plus sim in a Moto G Stylus bought from Target?

The battery on my G4 Plus that I’ve had almost exactly 4 years seems to be suddenly dying. It won’t charge unless it’s on a turbo-charger. I don’t know what happened today, but the batt started getting low so I plugged it in and it just kept getting lower, to the point where it only powers on if it’s plugged in, but it just sits at 0% and dies as soon as I unplug it. Since I’ve been home it is doing a little better on the turbo-charger: it’s up to 3% charged after 4 hours of being plugged in.
In researching new phones I came down to the Stylus, and then discovered that they’re in stock at my local target. So I could buy it there and have it tomorrow, which is a major plus since I’m off tomorrow and could spend the day getting things transferred–if the sim from the G4 plus works in it. Or would I have to get a BYOP sim card and wait for it to arrive?

Edit: I just saw another post that asked whether it was GSM or CDMA because GSM can switch but CDMA cannot, and checked in the Republic app and found out mine is CDMA. So what does that mean regarding buying the phone tomorrow? I gather it still won’t work as a phone until I get the sim, but could I bring the phone home and start setting it up so that when the sim arrives I am ready to switch?

Hi @harlanw.i5dsln

You are correct that a phone you purchase tomorrow will not function as a phone until it gets a SIM.

However, you could add the Republic Anywhere app to the new phone. If you use the app to login to your Republic account and choose your number, you will be able to send and receive texts when the phone is connected to WiFi. Once you get a SIM you can continue to use Anywhere but then it will work when you are connected via cell as well.

Here is a link to the instructions for requesting a CDMA SIM.

If you are interested in checking to see if a GSM SIM might work for you, please share a ZIP code where you frequently connect the phone to cell. Please remember this is a public forum so please do not share personal information such as you address.


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