Can I Use My old RW Moto G3 as an MP3 Player, Remote, Etc?



Old Moto G3 (3rd Gen.) from Republic Wireless
No Carrier At Present (Previous Phone)


Maybe it’s from being a child of Depression parents, but I’d like to make use of my old RW Moto G3 to use as an MP3 player/Remote/etc.

I’ve seen other threads like this, but I’m not confident in what was said in regards to how to set it up properly. I realize that this phone from Republic has special ROM that prevents it from being used as a phone by another carrier (i.e. a “true unlock”), but:

  1. Can I use the Android operating system and its default apps?
  2. Can I use the WiFi without having an RW account?
  3. Can I update the Android OS and its default apps?

How hokey would it be?

If so, can someone please provide a link to the proper clean process?


Yes you can the old phone will act like a mini-tablet


Hi @stans.bctbm9,

For one and two, the answer is yes. You can use the phone much as you would a tablet, access the internet over Wi-Fi, and use the Google Play Store to keep apps up to date.
For three, the answer is no. Motorola has no plans to update the Android OS on the RW Moto G3, so it will remain on Lollipop.

As long as you owned the phone previously and it’s your Google account that’s on it, there’s really no reason to go through any sort of “clean” process. If you want to have a fresh start, you could factory reset the phone.

The phone may nag you to activate it. You might be able to disable the RW app or suppress its notifications in order to avoid being thusly nagged.