Can I use old Moto G phone for now?


Hello. My non-Republic phone died and I found an old Moto G 1st Gen phone my daughter used to use lying in a drawer. I was hoping to use it. It charges and turns on, but I cannot login because my daughter forgot her old pass code.

Questions: Can I get a new Sim Card for this phone, access this phone without knowing the passcode— erase contents is OK, and port my phone number over?



That phone has no SIM Card as it is a 3G phone.
That Moto G phone is also locked to Republic’s service…so are you saying you want to activate it on your RW account to replace your broken phone?

Do you mean the phone is locked with a lockscreen passcode?

You will need to do a factory Reset via Recovery Mode in order to clear/bypass this.
That will erase the phone, however, it will then prompt you to log into the previous owners Google Account (your daughters) when you go to setup the phone again. Once you successfully do that, you can then access the phones System Settings and do the Factory Reset again. This will clear out the previous Google Account on the phone and allow you to add in your account and then activate the phone on your RW account via the built in RW app.


If the intent is to use the Moto G on a network other than Republic, please know doing so won’t work. More on that from Republic is here: FAQ: Are Republic Wireless Phones Locked or Unlocked? – Republic Help. If by “non-Republic phone” you mean a phone being used with Republic’s network but purchased elsewhere never mind.


Thank you for the response. I will try that.
The intent is to indeed use the old 3G phone on the RW wireless network.

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