Can I use Republic's moto g4 with another carrier in another country?

I know that outside of the U.S., our Moto g4 phones will only work in wifi. That’s fine. Actually it’s great. But my wife also has an account with a different carrier, in Brasil. Currently she’s using a moto g1, but might want to upgrade to the g4. Will the moto g4 purchased from Republic, with the sim card from the Brasilian carrier, of course, work in Brasil? Thanks.

Yes it will

International Travel with a Republic Phone

Thank you. After I posted, I noticed a store selling the Moto 4G with dual sims. Do you know if they all have this capability or if this is a different model. With dual sims, we won’t have to carry two separate phones and can just transfer between Republic and the Brasilian company, I guess.

the Dual SIM model is the European model that is not compatible with Republic which uses the North American Model

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