Can I use the SIM card in my Moto X pure for my new Samsung 6s?


I was wondering if I need to order a new SIM card for my phone right away. Or can I just use my current one?


as long as the Samsung S6 is the approved model one can swap the SIM between the Moto X Pure and the Galaxy S6

the line is link to the SIM so the number will move to where the SIM is


Will all my information move to my new phone?


If you backed up your contacts etc to Google, much of that should come when you set up your new phone to that Google account.

Also see this thread, for transferring other content:


Alright. I will just get a new SIM card then. Thank you


3.0 the account is married to the SIM and the SIM is not married to the Phone

you can move a 3.0 SIM between other 3.0 Phones (moving the number with the SIM)

the Phones are no activated in 3.0 GSM but the SIM is activated and it does not deactivate to move it from one approved phone to another


Hi @bocephous!

You may want to take a look at the following link:…

That should answer your question .