Can memory be expanded from 64 GB to 128 GB on Moto One 5G Ace?

Can this phone be expanded from 64 gb to 128?

Motorola one 5G ace - 64 GB / Volcanic Gray motorola one 5G ace

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Hi @davidb.4dubgl,

Yes. Looks like it can be expanded (with an SD Card) up to 1TB.

Thank you !

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Just be aware that the internal 64 gb is not being expanded you would just be adding external media storage up to 1TB.


Good clarification, @Majorninth .

I purchased the 128 GB version of the Motorola One 5G Ace which has 128 GB built-in (internal) and still allows the external media storage. It works very well with the Republic Wireless BYOP program. I really like this phone screen, battery life, processing power, memory size, camera, USB-C connector, separate phone jack, Android 10, fingerprint sensor in the middle of the back… (sorry, I’m going on here…)


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