Can Motarola E 2nd gen be used in oversea


I have Moto E 2nd gen phone. I am in 2.0 plan. I am going oversea for 2 months and wants to purchase the local phone and data plan SIM card. Will I be able to remove my RW sim card and plug in the oversea SIM data plan card. If not, do should I be purchased a “unlock phone” so I can use it oversea with a data SIM card and when I return home, just switch back to RW plan


Sorry No. The Moto E2 is a Legacy phone that has a custom R.W ROM on it and can not suport other SIM cards or networks. You can use it on unrestricted wifi as you would at home however.

You would need to purchase a GSM unlocked phones that supports international SIM cards.
Any of the 3.0 Republic Supported phones do support this.

See this article:


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