Can moto x and moto g gen one be activated on RW service



I have an inactive moto g gen 1 and a moto x gen 1 that im using on republic. i plan to upgrade soon and would like to sell these on ebay. just wondering if a buyer will be able to activate these phones on the current RW plans.



Hi @kristinhf

Yes, the buyer will be able to reactivate these phones on Republic Wireless. In fact, there is a strong demand for these older phones from customer who want to retain their older plans.

Here is a link to the guide for buying and selling used Republic Wireless phones:

Buying and Selling Used Republic Wireless Phones – Republic Help


You will want to Factory Reset the phones before selling them. Please include the original SIM card with the phone as well, as that SIM is matched to the phone, and it has none of your personal information stored on it.


thanks for reply! so the buyer would be able to activate moto x with the refund plan that i currently have? what about the older unlimited everything for $20? my husband still has that plan with hos old moto x


Those phones will only activate on the Refund Plans.


Only an existing customer with an existing line on the 1.0 plan could reactivate your phone on the 1.0 plan - this is the one with $25 for 3G and $40 for 4G.

Any other activation would use the 2.0 Republic Refund plan.


thank you. thats what i figured. my husband will be sad when his moto x 1 dies and he loses that plan.


You’re welcome!


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