Can my Defy XT be used in Europe on wifi for calling AND texting? What about email? Will it function the same way it does in the US?

We are planning a trip and are wondering whether or not we have to get a different phone or if our defy xt will meet our needs in Europe. We will always be near good wifi.

On WiFi the Defy should act like it does in the US (calling and texting to US and Canadian numbers) , If you receive a text away from the WiFi the the text may never be delivered (there no cell coverage outside the US) and if Republic does not see your phone on WiFi it forwards the the text to Sprint which will hold it for about 72 hours then it lost for ever.

there is no international service from republic but this can be add via a US based international calling card (with a US based call in number) or a third party app like Google Voice or Skype (@rolandh put together a reasonable priced way to to WiFi international which should work on the Defy Adding International Calling to Your Republic Phone | Republic Wireless Wiki | Fandom powered by Wikia )

Please note that if you upgrade and deactivate the Defy it can not be reactivated and becomes a mini tablet only

By no means is the DEFY XT my area of expertise, however, CSipSimple, the app I reference in the wiki article should work with the DEFY. According to its play store description, Android 1.6 and up.

with the Defy I would also be careful on how much space it takes (there not much room on a Defy with only 1 GB of ROM before the OS and other apps)

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