Can my parents get Republic Coverage at their home?

I’m trying to find out if my parents can get acceptable Republic Wireless coverage at their home in Fort Bragg, CA (zip 95437). They have no internet. They only need talk (no text, no data), but it would have to be through a wireless carrier and not through WiFi.
What I know is that I can’t get coverage at their house on my own Republic Wireless phone, but I don’t know if that’s because of the SIM type I have which limits my coverage to a specific carrier there?
I have a Republic Wireless My Choice on a Moto X4, with a GSM Sim. When I am at my parents’ house, or most locations in Fort Bragg, I get no cell coverage… there are spots near there town where there is some coverage, but it is very spotty.

My parents currently have a Verizon talk-and-text only cell phone plan (no data), with a Samsung Intensity 3 phone… which is an ok phone for them (they only want a phone with buttons… it can’t just be a virtual keypad).
They get very good coverage with their cell phone all over their town. The problem is the cost of their current plan, which is close to $50/month for their no-data plan… and I know that if they could use Republic it could save cost. I don’t know if Verizon is the only carrier that covers their location… If that is true I suspect that there won’t be any Republic phone/plan that they can use there.

But how can I find out if there is a Republic phone/plan (or if they could bring their own phone) that they could use that might provide good coverage in their location? I don’t know if my Republic phone not getting any coverage in their town indicates that Republic won’t work there? I have looked at the “coverage map” online for Republic, and of course it shows solid coverage throughout their area… but I don’t know if those maps mean anything practically.

Hi @howards.xiu1es

You got some good questions! I’ll answer what I can and hope other chime in with a more complete answer.

  1. Your phone is using RW’s GSM partner (T mobile). So it sounds like that would be a no go for your parents since you are not getting coverage with your Moto x4. The other partner is Sprint.

  2. You are correct in your assumption of coverage maps. I live in San Francisco and the maps all say I should be well covered. T mobile and Sprint have almost zero signal where I live. If not for WIFI calling, I would not be able to use my RW phone.

  3. This one might be a problem…you said “They only want a phone with buttons… it can’t just be a virtual keypad”. I’m not aware of any phone (BYOP or what RW sells) that has physical buttons. But maybe someone else does…

Hope this helps.


Another thing to be aware of is that if they did have internet they would have RW coverage (and so would you when you are there)

This of all the things you wrote is disqualifying. Republic supports only Android Smartphones on this list: Republic Wireless Phones – Republic Help

Hello johns.1k5o1y,

Thanks for the reply.

I forgot that Republic might not support any type of phone (with buttons) that my parents want to use.

I might need to look for another inexpensive provider that has basic phone support for them.



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