Can MyChoice phones receive texts from phones without Anywhere?


The following was posted by a (presumably) new RW customer on the Clark Stinks message board.

Republic does not allow normal texting. They require EVERYONE to install their Republic Anywhere app, plus sign up for a Republic web account in order to send and receive messages.

The full post can be read here.

I’m still on a Refund plan, but was planning to soon get a new phone and will have to move to MyChoice in doing so. Is it correct that I won’t be able to text without the Anywhere app, and can only text with other people if they too have Anywhere installed?


@martins.kuek8e That information is not correct. While the Anywhere app is recommended because it was created by Republic Wireless and works well, it is not required. That said, depending on which phone you use, you may not be able to use the stock messaging app that comes with the phone.

Changing plans will not affect your service. You will be able to use your phone as you do now, calling and texting others. Even those without a Republic account, or those not using the Anywhere texting app.

You can read more about the Anywhere app here:

It really is quite useful, as you can view your texts on other devices, as well as on your phone.

Another alternative that works with Republic Wireless is Android Messages, which was formerly called Google Messages.

As I’m sure you are aware, you do have to have a “Republic web account,” as your bills are pre-paid through the card you keep on file with Republic.



As michellen said Anywhere is not required. The person asking the question on the linked site was mistaken. If one doesn’t pay attention when activating their RW phone they could believe Anywhere is required.

After the initial RW activation process and you are notified it’s been completed there is a full screen notification suggesting to add the Anywhere app. There’s an option to decline by selecting “NOT NOW” and I don’t recall seeing additional notifications after declining.


Thanks you for responding to the OP there. I’ve done so as well. The OP is just wrong, very wrong in every assertion in their post.


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