Can new moto G7 use WiFi to reduce data usage?

I am transitioning from a Moto G3
I LOVE the G3 on the $17.50 0.5 gb refund plan because I almost entirely use WiFi.
My monthly bills have been in the $13-$14 range for years.

Well the G3 has died and I find no used ones available.
So I ordered the “staff recommended” G7
I’m going to get the $15/mo plan + $5/mo for 1gb data.
Since I never used more that 0.7 gb on my G3, this seems the best plan for me.

Can my new moto G7 use WiFi to reduce the data consumption like I could on my G3?

Sorry for the L-O-N-G message but thanks for listening & responding.
/s/ JimH

Hi @jamesh.0cjmak

Yes, the Moto G7 will use WiFi to reduce data consumption. With the new phone comes a newer version of the Republic Wireless app. It has many new features. One that is pertinent to this discussion is called Data Freeze. This turns off access to cell data to all apps on your phone except the Republic Wireless app. It needs access to cell data but you do not get charged for its data use.

You can read more about Data Freeze at the following link:

How to Enable Data Freeze in the Republic Wireless Application – Republic Help


Not relevant to your question…but still relevant to your usage… the G7 currently only works on the GSM (T-mobile) network…so your coverage will be different from your current CDMA (Sprint) coverage on the G3.

RW intends to add CDMA coverage capability to the G7 eventually…but there is no timeline available
at this time. Just want to make sure you are aware of this change in your coverage at least for the short term.


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