Can No Longer Forward Text Messages

What phone do you have? Moto E6

What plan are you on? 1GB/mo Data

Issue Description

For the last few days, I can no longer forward a text message. I select the option, and when I enter the recipient, the text I’m trying to forward is not attached… what’s up?

Hi @russells.yq5vu0,

I’ve not seen this issue mentioned by anyone else. Can you think of anything else that changed on your phone around that same time? Did you notice any apps updating?

Have you rebooted the phone since this issue began?

Can you tell us what messaging app you’re using?

Are you able to send text messages that are not being forwarded?

The issue appeared seemingly at random (no known factors), while using the Google messaging app, but no problems sending “virgin” texts to the same people I couldn’t forward to. But today, after rebooting, the problem seems fixed!

Thanks for the suggestion… Instead of trying to figure out the problem, I should have thought of the old Microsoft cure-all: pull the plug and start over!

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