Can not activate Samsung Galaxy S8+

What phone do you have?

Samsung Galaxy S8+ GSM Unlocked (SKU # SM-G955U-ZKA-XAA)

What plan are you on?

My Choice Talk and Text

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

only Talk and Text - no 4G data

Issue Description


We bought a Samsung Galaxy S8+ phone, with SKU # SM-G955U … XAA so we know it is compatible with Republic Wireless service because that is what this article mentioned:

I moved over the Republic SIM card from a Moto E4 Plus which had the Choice Talk and Text (no 4G data) Plan and installed it into the Samsung phone.

I rebooted the phone, and it is now stuck on the “Checking Network…” screen. I do not have the option to set up Wifi connectivity. I see the phone’s status bar has the “4G” icon and the up/down arrows are flashing. I guess the SIM is installed correctly (?)

I did several reboots on the phone, and it still comes to this screen and waits indefinitely, again without the option to establishing Wifi connectivity. So I can not get this phone on the internet, and can not download the Republic Wireless Android application.

Another aspect of this Republic service which may be coming into play: There is no 4G data service authorized on this phone number - only Wifi data service. Could the Samsung phone be waiting indefinitely for 4G data service ?

After a few reboot attempts and not progressing past this screen I gave up, reinstalled the SIM card back into the Moto E4 Plus, and it is back to operational. I tested voice and SMS and Wifi data.

Looking for a way forward.

Help ?

Hi @melissav.o04o6u!

Is the phone still stuck after rebooting without the SIM card? I would set the phone up (including installing the Republic App) and then install the SIM card. The Republic App should be installed before installing the SIM. Go ahead and finish the phone setup (if possible) without installing the Republic SIM card.

Also, can you check and tell me if your SIM is a GSM or CDMA SIM? You can find out by looking at the SIM card and using this guide: How to Determine the Difference Between GSM and CDMA SIM Cards – Republic Help . If the card is CDMA, you can’t move those between phones. You will need to open a help ticket and have them send you a new one.

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Hi @melissav.o04o6u,

The issue you are having, where the phone cannot connect to the Wi-Fi network, is not related to the SIM card. The SIM card from your E4+ is compatible with the S8+.

An Android phone will operate as a tablet when no SIM card is installed. Please remove the SIM card and factory reset the phone. Can you then connect to the Wi-Fi network? If not, can this phone be returned?


@melissav.o04o6u Are you still having this issue?

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