Can not call my wife's phone

We have two Samsung Galaxy S-10e phones.

We are each on the 3G plan, including data.

I just noticed today that I can not call my wife’s phone. I simply get a busy signal and she has no indication that I tried to call. Both phones were updated with the latest software release, hers on 11/10 and mine on 11/12/2020. Looking at the logs, the last time I successfully called her phone was on 10/23.

She can call my phone from hers and we can each send text messages to the other using Republic Anywhere.

We have compared settings both on our phones and on the phone apps and they are the same.

I have deleted and recreated contacts for each other on each phone and still cannot call her phone.

We also now get continuous notifications regarding optimizing wifi calling and the only way to stop these notifications seems to be to turn off wifi calling.

I would like to try calling her internal phone number but haven’t found a way to get that number.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Could you check both phones and ensure that Samsung WiFi calling is OFF? How to Turn off WiFi Calling – Republic Help

Wifi calling is off on both phones. Still the same: She can call me and I get a busy signal when I dial her number.

I would try dialing her internal number, if I could find it. The two posted methods don’t work on Galaxy S10e phones.

Please forgive the obvious question but are you able to call numbers other than your wife’s? And, is your wife receiving calls from others?

Putting aside contacts for the moment, if you dial her 10-digit number, do you still get a busy signal?

Generally, Samsung’s WiFi calling should be turned off. With Republic, WiFi calling is handled via the Republic app.

It wouldn’t seem to fit the specifics but worth a shot:

Yes, I can call other numbers and she has been receiving other calls.

I can not dial other than 10-digit numbers so yes, I still get a busy signal whether by manually entering her number from the phone app or using the contacts app.

Other research I did suggested there might be a problem with the SIM card in my wife’s phone so I shut it down, removed and replaced the SIM card, and restarted the phone.
It works now!
Please close this item. Thanks!

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