Can not get into my email to get return label

Is there a way i can get it on my republic acct. i mean there is only a 14 day return and there is no way i will be able to get into my email… any help plz ?

If there is something wrong with your email account (maybe you forgot the password or something), you could create a new email account on gmail, outlook, yahoo, etc. and then set the new email address in your Republic account. Then, you’d have access to email to receive your label.

Does that work for you?

Hi @tylerj.31sdqw

You have 14 days to initiate a return, and according to this Return and Replacement Policy you have 14 days after you receive your label, so you have some time and I’m sure RW will work with you on this.

"You’ll need to return your phone and components within 14 calendar days from the time you receive your return shipping label."

If you don’t mind sharing, why do you feel you cannot get into your Email to retrieve the shipping label?..(can you sign in to your RW account and edit the Email address in your profile to one you can access?)

Thank you for clearing that up guys. i was able to make a new email and switch it. although that just makes it more confusing for me lol. Now wonder how to let them know i need a label sent to this new email? thank you again

Are you within the 14-day return period? A return label is only sent one time and it is sent immediately upon cancellation to the email address in effect at that time. If you were within the 14-day return period but cannot gain access to that return label you will have to open a service ticket in order to get a new one.

To open a service ticket (or chat session) click on help at the top of this page and scroll to the bottom.

Hi @tylerj.31sdqw

You should raise a Support Ticket and explain to them your situation. Instructions can be found here.

Getting Help from Republic

(Republic Help )

From the Submit Request page you can also use the Live Chat feature if you wish.

@tylerj.31sdqw Did they ever send you another return label? I am having this same issue. I emailed them Friday, but have not heard back from RW yet?

@sommer4966 Can you explain you issue? Are you having a problem logging in to your account to request the return label?

@michellen I accidentally had to accounts (a purchase account and an activation account). I was trying to get my stuff sent to one email.

I was told to change the the purchase account to another email (I was told “a fake email will work”). I decided I wanted to return the phone, but did not change the purchase (fake) email before initiating the return. The return label went to the fake email account. I need it sent to my real email account which has since been changed in my profile.

You will need to open a help ticket. Use the email address that you have access to, not the fake email. Support can help you sort this out. You can open a help ticket here:

If you already have a help ticket open, or if the ticket is still open that you requested the original label on, please let me know what that ticket number is before opening a new ticket.

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I emailed Friday and have not heard back. I just sent another email since I was told I should have received a ticket number. That was at 12 noon today and I still have not received a ticket number. Conveniently, the rest of the website is working except when I click on the Help Ticket sections of my account.

I’m at a loss and running out of time on my 14 day Money Back Guarantee!

Don’t worry, Republic will take in to account the day you contacted them, and how long it took them to respond, when considering your 14 days.


What happens when you go to Help tickets section?

I just tried it and seems to be working ok for me. Try clearing the browser cache
and see if that works any better.

@amitl They are not having an issue accessing the help page. They cannot log in to the correct account to retrieve the return label.

I was just responding to this statement

Hi @sommer4966,

Don’t worry that our delay will affect your claim on the guarantee.

I’ve pulled up your ticket history, please give me a few minutes to review them.


Hi @sommer4966,

You’ve opened several RTMs (conversations, messages) with our Experts, and it looks like those E-mail responses may be cluttering out the actual ticket response in your E-mail. The duplicate tickets have been merged into your original, so you may have been getting automatic E-mails each time that was done, further confusing things.

Shanelle replied to your ticket at 2:00 AM ET.

When you sign in here: Ticket Details | Republic Wireless with the same credentials you’ve used to sign into Community, can you see the reply from Shanelle?


It just keeps flashing with RW emblem. I pulled up the Help Tickets from my account and it cycled through the RW emblem for at least 3 hours. A little green box in the bottom left corner says the website is experiencing trouble, but the issue should be resolved soon. Now I am at home watching it do the same thing.

I do appreciate everyones speedy response and willingness to help. Thanks @southpaw for pulling up and looking at my ticket. Having not received confirmation with a ticket number I wasn’t sure the email went through like it should have.

@amitl I’ve cleared the history and cache on my Mac. Nothing has changed. It still shows the RW emblem and says they are having trouble with their servers and the problem should be fixed temporarily…HOURS later, lol.

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