Can not send or receive text messages with out wifi

I can no longer send or receive text messages with out wifi.

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I have done everything …I mean everything! refresh reboot re activate factory rest update uninstall republic app reinstall app, on and on and on. And it is the same with my sons same phone as mine motog5splus

Hi @barbarah.du6e6x and welcome to the Member Community.

I see in your last post that you have two Moto G5s Plus phones that can only text when they are on WiFi. Because this is happening on both phones let’s look for something common between them. Recommend you log into your account portal and check your account. Maybe a payment did not process correctly. Please do not provide any personal account information since this is a public forum.

If there are no account issues we will need to go back and get some basic information so the Community has more to work with.

  1. Answers to the questions @jben asked is a good starting point.
  2. What plan are your phones are on?
  3. Can you make calls on cell?

The more information you give the Community the more we have to help find a solution.

In addition to the info already provided, you may want to look at this Help Article:

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my account says next payment due August 8th.

I don’t know how to post a screenshot here. But is says GSM

Could it be a Motorola update?

Hi @barbarah.du6e6x,

When you’re unable to send text messages without WiFi, does your phone indicate that it has a cellular signal and does it show the “LTE” symbol?

Since you’ve done so many resets and refreshes, could you please make sure the phone is still properly configured?

Also make sure there is no data warning or limit set:

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WOW!!! I contacted Motorola, They don’t even recognize the serial number of my phone!

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