Can Notification volume be set differently than the Ringer volume?


I’d like to know if there’s a way to set the volume level of my message notifications different than my ringer volume. I’ve been awakened by the message notification, but don’t want to turn the ringer volume off, because I do want to know if someone’s calling me directly.


what phone do you have?

depending on phone and android version

if you press the vol up or down and get the slider at the top, you can tap the little down arrow to the right and it will bright up the vol levels for media, ring, and alarm, and it may or may not have one for notifications…

or go to settings and top on sound and it may or may not have a notification slider for vol…

again depending on phone and android version it may or may not have a vol control for notifications

now if you don’t have a notifications vol slider on your phone you can do it with

you will create 2 macros
name them what you will

since I see not way to lower the notifications vol without turning down the ringer vol on a phone that does not have a notification vol level slider

the 1st macro will be for changing the notification sound (ringtone) to none

day/time trigger
set that to the days of the week and time you go to bed

notification sound
set it to none

none, don’t need

save with whatever name you wish and you can classify it to what ever cat you wish

next create another macro to set the notification sound to what it was

day/time triggers
set it to the days and time you wish to have it start making sound when you wish to wake up

notification sound
set it to what it was or something else


again save and call it what you will

(my notifications sound is note like the sound you hear from an iphone, just like it… so turning it off will set it to none, no sound, and back on, in my case, to note sound)


Thanks very much, I’ll check out that app!


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