Can one remove Amazon's apps from their Prime promo Moto X4, more?

Does anyone know if I can remove Amazon’s pre-installed apps from their Prime promo Moto X4?* If not, can I disable them & keep them disabled? How would doing this affect their warranty?


Also, does anyone know if RW will work with LineageOS on a Moto X4?

No, Republic won’t work with Lineage on the X4. Republic’s services work only with the factory impages.

The Amazon Apps can only be disabled, not removed. You could get the Android One version instead and then you’d have no bloat (but pay more for it).

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I’d recommend spending the extra getting the $200 Android One 64GB/4GB version. I only have experience with that one and very pleased.


My whole point is to spend as little as possible since I don’t use the phone for much more than as a phone (I do use a few simple apps and, when on WiFi, survey the news; rarely I watch a video). So, since I don’t have much on my 16GB phone, I don’t need more than 32GB. Further, I’m interested in getting either a Fairphone or Librem 5 (when it comes out). I’m biding my time 'till I get a fully computer-capable unit that also has the phone OS (I believe that’s called a converged “phone”).

The less expensive will likely work fine then.


Thank you both for your help. I appreciate it.

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