Can people use a toll free number to call me?

Can I be issued a toll free number for my phone? I would like to offer a toll free number for people to be able to call me on my republic wireless phone. How do I go about this?

Hi @amyg.6lw8yg,

It’s not possible to obtain a toll-free number from Republic and have that ring directly. It is possible to have a toll-free number ring your phone either via call-forwarding or use of an app. Callcentric is one option I’m familiar with that offers toll-free numbers: Toll Free Phone Numbers.

Hi @amyg.6lw8yg!

The simple answer is “no”. Republic does not offer toll free numbers. You will have to use a cloud-based toll free service like Freedom800® Toll Free 800 Numbers for Your Business. I don’t know of any cellular company that is capable/allows people to have toll free cell numbers. Hope that helps!


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