Can phone be set up to take all calls on cell not wifi?

Our wifi is not of fast enough to take calls over wifi. When we get a call at home it rings once and then I believe it tries to switch to cell service and drops the call. Is there a way to change it so that all call are on cell service and not wifi.


If you’re only looking to do this at home, you can likely configure your home router to block UDP port 5090. With that port blocked voice calling would be done over cellular while all your data will still utilize Wi-Fi.


You would have to have very poor WiFi coverage at home to consistently have that problem. Perhaps a bit of a tuneup of you WiFi is in order?
I would start with Quick Check 1 &2 of Router Tweaks - Keep WiFi 1st - a Community Guide and the community can work with from there.

The only internet we can get is via satellite. The latency is way to long to use for phone calls. Alright for texting, but that’s it. We have Sprint cell service with our cell phones

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oops … so it’s back the the suggestion made by @cbwahlstrom, post what your router is and hopefully someone can help you block the port (if you need it)

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It’s a Hughes HT2000W. If it’s blocked so it only will take calls via cell, will the wifi still work for my browser?

You can download a user manual from:

It appears that port blocking can be done under the parental controls in the advanced options. There isn’t a great amount of detail in the users guide beyond that.

Yes. If you were able to block UDP port 5090 it would only affect Wi-Fi calling.

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A question or two for additional clarification, as HughesNet is using the same equipment to provide VoIP phone service themselves

  • When on WiFi can you make calls and maintain them with the HughesNet?
  • Using Ookla Speedtest on your phone and selecting a server near you what are your results?
    • If possible compare this with same test ran from PC direct connected to the router
  • Have you tried the 5GHz band on the router, it looks like it has a different Name/SSID … looks like the 5 GHz network name starts with “hug5g” (unless you have changed it)

No, can’t make a wifi call on Hughes net it always reverts to cell. I’ve try doing a speed test occasionally, sometimes I can sometimes it’s not fast enought. I’ll try the 5G and see if that will make a difference.

You may also want to try the Connectivity test on page 17 and the Built in self test on page 18 of the user guide and it shows an 800 nr to call if the self test fails

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