Can RW phones move to other carriers?


I’m thinking about joining a family plan with my parents, which unfortunately have to result in leaving RW. The provider that my parents use uses the TMobile network. I understand that RW 3.0 phones are unlocked. Would I be able to move carriers if the phone is unlocked and the new carrier does GSM?
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Hi @Matam,

All Republic 3.0 phones are North American factory unlocked, support GSM and may be activated with any service provider willing to do so domestic or international. There’s no reason to believe there’ll be an issue with T-Mobile or a provider using T-Mobile’s network.

Republic and the Community will, of course, be sorry to see you go. Perhaps, one day, Republic will be able to meet the your needs again and those of your parents?

Edited to Add:

Official word here: FAQ: Are Republic Wireless Phones Locked or Unlocked? – Republic Help.

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